Investing Begins With You

While it is easy to get caught up in the state of the economy or the latest “hot” stock, we believe passionately that the way you invest should be aligned with where you are in your life…not with the short-term ups and downs of markets.

You should have a financial blueprint to help you manage your opportunities, needs, concerns and goals.

We call this approach Asset Class Investing and believe it makes good sense as you plan for both today and tomorrow.

There are three things to remember about how Asset Class Investing can work for you and your family:

  1. It focuses your investment portfolio on meeting your life goals. It is an approach designed to help you manage towards your most important goals rather than to short-term market trends.
  2. It is based on science and academic research. It combines the latest discoveries in economics and investing with almost 90 years of market data and insights as well as in-depth studies of investor psychology and behavior.
  3. It is a disciplined and structured approach. It helps protect against the common behavioral mistakes that can compromise your long-term financial goals.


Providing Precision in Wealth Management

When we consider Precision, Clarity and Value in the context of investing, we may envision the intricate, precise movements of a fine timepiece. Each gear moves smoothly and efficiently, in the proper direction, at exactly the right time. You don’t worry about it from day to day because it has proven its precision and reliability over the years! We believe this is exactly what a Wealth Management firm should emulate on behalf of its clientele.

precision wealth managementPrecision Wealth Management is a personal, relationship driven Wealth Management Firm with decades of combined investment experience to guide you to your financial goals, through bull, bear and side winding markets.

Whether your primary need is asset protection or your goal is strategic growth; making steady progress toward your precisely defined goal is our primary focus.

Talk to any of our wealth management professionals today by clicking on the “Meet With A Financial Advisor” link.  We will be happy to speak with you about your specific investment goals and the specific time horizons of your investments. Utilizing proven time tested investment strategies; they will be pleased to show you how active investment management can reduce risk and help produce the outcome you are ultimately pursuing with your investments.

Understanding how these strategies fit into your overall investment portfolio will keep you precisely on schedule to meet your own retirement or investment goals.

Call Precision Wealth Management to schedule a complimentary phone consultation today through Mark Jacobberger: 719-535-8027 or 855-219-7122

Or if you prefer, we can schedule an initial consultation at one of our offices. During this time we will spend time listening to you and also clearly explain our client approach and investment process. From there we can both easily discern whether it makes sense for us to work together.

We look forward to speaking with you personally!

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